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When you are sending or receiving money right away, whether it is a payment to friends or family or purchasing that dream holiday home, we will make it simple and send your money quickly and safely. Agree on a great exchange rate online, via our app, or over the phone and we’ll take care of the rest.

It’s quick and easy to set up your Moneycorp account and send money abroad. Simply add funds to your online account then exchange up to 33 currencies with our best rate. You can then send money abroad to over 190 countries, with payments usually taking 1-2 days, with express payments able to arrive the same day.


How do I make an international payment?

It’s quick and easy to make an international transfer with Moneycorp. To send a payment to a new recipient online, follow these steps:

  1. Select ‘Send Payment’ from your account and then ‘Add New Recipient’
  2. Select the country of the bank account you are paying, as well as the currency to transfer
  3. Provide the full name and bank account number of the recipient
  4. Provide an IBAN, BIC/SWIFT code or any other banking code/number required by the recipient’s country. Once all forms are filled out, ‘Save’ the recipient to your account
  5. Enter the amount to send, the required date of arrival and confirm your transfer

Once you have added a recipient bank account to your list, you can make future payments without needing to enter the banking details again. Alternatively, you can process your overseas payment over the phone.


What bank details are needed to transfer money internationally?

The information you’ll need to pay money abroad will differ depending on the country to which you make the payment. However, the majority of overseas payments typically require a combination of the following:

  • Name of the account holder
  • Account number
  • BIC SWIFT code
  • IBAN/Alternative country banking code


Your exchange options when sending payments abroad

We exchange money for your overseas payment with a spot contract, ensuring that we convert your funds at that time with the present exchange rate.

However, you may also secure a forward contract for your payment should you need to make a payment in the near future and wish to take advantage of a favourable rate. This contract ensures you receive the same rate, and may require a deposit, however locks in a prevailing exchange rate for your future trade.


Experts in sending payments abroad

Currency markets are constantly moving, and we know you value your time. Our team of dedicated foreign exchange managers can help you navigate the fast-moving currency markets so you don’t have to when making payments abroad.

Our expert team is here to talk you through the specialist products and tools available to you, such as how to target a desired foreign exchange rate, so you can pay money abroad when it bests suits you.


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Set up a recurring international transfer, ideal for pension payments, sending your salary home or paying for bills/living costs.

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